Hey you! Yes, you!

We at ANU Observer have had a great time this year researching, writing and publishing news for ANU students. Next semester we want to do even more and even better. While it’s true most of our administrative decisions are based on a mix of gut instinct and our weekly moonlight pagan communion with the ANU ducks, in this case we want your input.

Please do our survey, it’s literally just 14 questions. This is your chance to let us know where we should put our energy. If you, the average student, don’t fill it out, only ANUSA hacks will, and then our reporting will just be strings of positive yet vapid and inoffensive adjectives. If that isn’t the future you want, do they survey.

You can find it here.

Also, don’t be a dick, only do it once. We can filter out duplicates through IP, but we really don’t want to.