SRC: Shake Up Tops Lift, Except on Exec

August 24, 2017 Michael Turvey 0

Michael Turvey, Valerie Ng, Jason Pover, Taz Hudson and Skanda Panditharatne Eleanor Kay will be ANUSA’s next President, but she will preside over a split Executive and SRC. Shake Up candidates have been elected as Treasurer and Social Officer, while

Eleanor Kay Wins ANUSA Presidency

August 24, 2017 Jason Pover 0

Eleanor Kay has been elected as 2018 ANUSA President. Kay ran with the ticket LIFT ANUSA on a platform of experience, continuity, and consultation. Kay won the election ahead of Cameron Allan and Natasha Kumar, although returning officers are yet

Lift, Shake Up and Maclean Elected NUS Delegates

August 24, 2017 Valerie Ng 0

Two candidates from Shake Up and Lift along with independent Howard Maclean will represent ANU students at NUS National Conference this year. Shake Up’s Cameron Allan and Freya Willis, Lift’s Tess Masters and Harry Needham, and independent candidate Howard Maclean