Students Severely Injured In Copland Classroom Attack

Content warning: Discussions of violence.

Three students and a teacher were attacked and injured by another student in a Copland classroom this morning. The attacker has been detained, and ANU says there is no ongoing threat to student safety.

The attacker entered Copland G032 between 9:15 and 9:30. According to ACT Police, the attacker was seated at the back of the class, and stood up, picked up the bat, and crossed the room approaching the tutor. When it became clear he intended to attack the tutor, several students attempted to stop him, after which he also attacked them. One student then grabbed the baseball bat, and after a brief fight the student took the bat and ran from the scene. ANU Security arrived at the scene and quickly detained the man. The student who took the bat later returned to the scene to give the bat to police, who took the attacker into custody. 

The attacker was an 18 year old Caucasian male, and ANU has confirmed he was an ANU student. Police are not yet prepared to release the name of the attacker and there is no information known about motive.

Three females and one male were injured in the attack. All are now in hospital, some with head wounds and broken bones. ACT police say the injuries are severe but not life threatening.

One student at the scene immediately after the event said they saw “multiple people with what appeared to be head injuries”. Some students who were in nearby classrooms said they “heard shouting, but didn’t think anything of it”.

The classroom was meant to be holding a tutorial for STAT1008. No more is known about the identity of the victims at this time.

ANU Deputy Vice-Chancellor Marnie Hughes-Warrington said today that the event was an “isolated incident” and that security would be elevated for Open Day tomorrow and in the coming days.

ANU has said counselling services are being provided to any staff and students affected. At least one class has been cancelled so far as staff left to help those affected.

Full Video of the ANU/AFP Press Conference


If you need to access counselling please contact ANU Counselling Centre on 6125 2442

Anyone with information should  contact police on 131 444.

Madeleine Birdsey contributed to this report