Nominations Released for 2018 ANUSA Elections

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Taz Hudson, Jason Pover, Skanda Panditharatne

Observer has put together a compilation of the nominations for this year’s ANUSA election.

The tickets are: RefreshIgniteReform, Left Action, Lauren Kightly and Kai Clark for ANUSA CAP Representatives, as well as a number of independents. Nominees listed in bold have been elected unopposed.


Executive Positions

Eden Lim (Refresh) for President

Campbell Clapp (Independent) and Hannah Minns (Refresh) for Vice President

Matthew Mottola (Refresh) for Social

Dash Jose (Refresh) for Treasurer

Lachy Day (Refresh) for General Secretary

Tanika Sibal (Refresh) and Niall Cummins (Ignite) for Education Officer


Department Officers

Amy Bryan (Independent) for Disabilities Officer

Sarah Loynes (Independent) for Indigenous Officer

Florin Giles (Independent) for Queer* Officer

Women’s Officer, Ethnocultural Officer and Environmental Officer will be voted on internally in the coming weeks, at internal Department meetings.


College Reps, 12 will be elected, 2 from each college

CAP Reps:

Kai Clark, Lauren Kightly, Dominic Harvey-Taylor (Refresh), Alison Wong (Refresh)

CASS Reps:

Tian Xiao Shi (Refresh), Zinnia Bath (Refresh)

CBE Reps:

Jordan Nicholaeff (Refresh), Croft Sun (Refresh)

CECS Reps:

Matilda Dowse (Refresh), Tyrus Caldeira (Refresh)

COL Reps:

Kunal Vankadara (Refresh), Stella Ajani (Refresh)

JCOS Reps:

Ruth Amy Purcell (Refresh), Jacob McMullen (Refresh)


General Representatives: Total nominations 42, compared to 44 last year and 41 in 2016. 14 candidates will be elected from this list

Independent: Brandon Tan

Reform: Zayana Zaikariah, Tanay Kapadia, Connor Andreatidis, Drishti Dhir, Thomas Kwong, Krishna Shukla, Luca Liu, Rohin Singh,Lachlan Ballard, Cahill Di Donato, Christopher Atkins, Rishi Dhakshinamoorthy, Daniel Huang

Ignite: Grace Sixsmith, Sam Neave, James Eveille, Daniel Mehareb, Cat Yeong, Nathalie Rosales-Cheng, Eliza Barry, Bentan Honeywood, Yasmin Poole, Daniel Huang, Niam Foxcroft,  Nick Pagonis, Jaya Dadwal, Francis Claessens, Madeleine Lezon

Refresh: Vegnesh Ganesan, Jade Lin, Ji Woo Ahn, Harsh Thakkar, Justine Ramsay, Isabella Keith, Annabelle Nshuti, Jocelyn Abbott, Ailsa Schreurs, Peter Sun, Akshat Agarwal, Taylor Heslington, Henri Vickers, David Harvey

NUS Representatives: 5 candidates will be elected from this list, with 18 nominations

Refresh: Croft Sun, Tanika Sibal, David Harvey, Lachy Day, Hannah Minns

Ignite: Nick Pagonis, Jaya Dadwal, Francis Claessens, Madeleine Lezon,Niall Cummins

Reform: Lachlan Ballard, Cahill Di Donato, Christopher Atkins, Rishi Dhakshinamoorthy, Ashish Nagesh

Left Action: Nick Carlton, Wren Somerville, Gabi Hawkins

No joke tickets ran candidates in this year’s election. There were a number of Facebook joke tickets created for this year’s election, including: Hon Charles Smith MLC for ANUSA, So Fresh ANUSA, Fiji First For ANUSA and SDA for ANUSA, and a New Dumb Policy for ANUSA Everyday until August 16th.

ANUSA Elections will be occurring online from 13 August to 16 August.

For fairness, we randomised the order of tickets for each position. We previously stated the total number of Gen Reps was 33, it is in fact 42.

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