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src 6


We’re done! Eden comments this is a “good hustle folks”.


Content warning for Transphobia, Bullying and Queerphobia

Motion 6:

The motion is moved by Isabel Moss and seconded by Celeste Sandstrom

The motion reads: ‘that the SRC publicly affirms the motion presented and passed at Queer Collaborations 2018 calling for Jasmine Duff’s resignation as NUS LGBTI Officer. This includes the publication of the motion on channels available to ANUSA, including, but not limited to:
The ANUSA Facebook page
The ANUSA Email list.

This motion comes after “testimonials by delegates of transphobia, harassment, bullying, and intimidation on her part” according to Moss.

The vote was unanimously agreed to at Queer Collaborations and affirmed by the Queer* department at ANU. Moss states that they hope this will “putting additional pressure on the NUS to listen to us”. She states that “Duff’s response [to the misgendering call-out] was far beyond inappropriate”. 

Eleanor asks to amend this motion so that formal notification of the motion will be sent to the NUS. This is amended as a friendly.

There are no speakers against. The motion passes unanimously with no abstentions.


No Clubs Council Report was submitted


Tanika Sibal gives the report in place of Jharna Chamlagai. The report mentions Ehtnocultural Revue, and a planned Refugee Rights campaign. 


Officer Amy Bryan submitted her report informally,  posting it on the Facebook event page. This may be because the DSA is currently busy with holding Spoon Week. Indeed, the Department is currently hosting a film night in the BKSS.

The report is accepted


Mina Kim, ISD Officer, presents her report. The bulk of her report focuses on the amendments to ISD’s election procedures, in addition to the success of the International Student Welcome Evening, run in collaboration with PARSA. She says it was one of the most successful ISWE that she has been to. 

Lachy asks about the electoral reforms passed, particularly the role of returning officer. Kim is working with the executive to find out how it will roll out in the future and how it can be reconciled with the new policies.

The report is accepted.


Matthew Mottola sends his apologies, and deputy . In his absence, he thanks department deputies Jae Boyd and Mustafa Albekaa for their work on Pride Week which he called a “phenomenal success”. He also notes “disturbing instances of transphobia” by the staff of the QT hotel, who hosted the event.

The report is accepted


Laura Perkov sends her apologies, and a Deputy presents the report in her place. Her report highlights the August 1st Speak Out, and the campaign that the Women’s Department will be running over the course of the semester. She also congratulates the Women’s Revue on their sold-out run. 

The Department is planning activities on Open Day to “inform students and families about the Respectful Relationships Program”. Last year, a speak out event was held.

The report is accepted


Braedyn Edwards presents the Indigenous Officer’s report. He congratulates the incoming officer, Sarah Loynes, and flags the success of NAIDOC Week.

Edwards’ favourite part of NAIDOC week was the concert.

The National Indigenous Student Conference was held over the break and Edwards was voted as president. He will start on September 1.

The report is accepted.


The Education Officer’s report is accepted.

Anya Bonan is out of town, so cannot present her Social Officer report. There will be another ‘Cafes on Campus’ event on 3 September, and an Interfaith Panel in Term 4. Clubs Ball will be on 11 October. Bonan’s report also mentions that ANU is wanting students to be involved in ANU Giving Day, an annual push for alumni donations.


Harry Needham presents his Education officer report. He says the Education Committee meeting on housing was “without a doubt the most productive Education Committee meeting that has taken place during [his] term”. He mentions the Family Friendly Forum and the Diploma of Languages campaign. He also says he was involved in a “confidential” meeting about bookshops in the redevelopment. Last year, Needham was one of ANUSA’s most vocal opponents of the Co-op bookshop, calling the Board “a bunch of shady bastards”. He stands by this statement.

He rates Law Revue the best Revue this year, and possibly ever. Needham coincidentally performed in this Revue over the weekend.

The next Education Committee meeting has been postponed from this Thursday because Needham has lots of assessments. It’ll probably be held next week.

He also flags that Saturday 25 August is the Australian South Sea Islander Recognition Day. 


The General Secretary’s report is accepted


General Secretary (and 2019 President) Eden Lim gives her report. She says it is “quite disappointing” that the last General Meeting (OGM) did not make quorum. She mentions the Governance Review, which appears to be in its very early stages. She thanks the Executive for running elections in her stead. She hopes by next SRC they’ll have something to report.

The OGM will be re-held at 11am next Wednesday GO58 in the Hannah Newman Building “across from the weird fountain”. If this OGM doesn’t reach quorum the consequences will be “unclear”. 



Mariah Chang presents the Treasurer’s report. She flags that ANUSA is looking to move away from the Commonwealth Bank. Also, students can get tax help from ANUSA.

The Treasurer’s report has been accepted. The microphones are working again.


The President’s report has been accepted, and the Vice President didn’t give a report. We move onto the treasurer’s report.


Eleanor loves the media policy and has lots of thoughts on it.


ANUSA President Eleanor Kay presents her report. She congratulates President-elect Eden Lim, as well as those involved in NAIDOC Week and Pride Week. Her report also mentions ANUSA’s mid-year SSAF bid – ANUSA received 9 290 of its approximately 0 000 bid. Kay says she is “excited by elections being over”. She also flags changes to Course Reps.


Today Eleanor is asking the room questions. How zany! She requests that people assist her with an ANUSA stall at Open Day. She also asks attendees to consider whether they would like a regular Presidential consultation session.


The microphones aren’t working so we’re all yelling.


We’re here and we’ve finally made quorum