By Tom Kersten

Yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out in a residential room at John’s College, leading to a hall-wide evacuation with over four fire trucks attending the scene. The University has confirmed that no one was injured during the incident. 

Hours earlier, the College’s fire alarm had already gone off, although the incident was minor.

Observer understands a candle was lit in a student’s room. It is believed that the candle caused a fridge to catch fire, which led to the fire quickly spreading through the room.

Photos and videos provided to Observer show the room heavily damaged by smoke. 

The fire did not spread to any other areas of the College, however, smoke and ash travelled into neighbouring rooms.

The 2022 Residential Handbook, covering all of ANU’s Halls of Residence states that “the use of candles and incense in rooms is strictly prohibited.”

An ANU spokesperson told Observer that they were aware of a “small and localised fire at John XXIII College yesterday.”

“Residents safely evacuated from the building … [and] the ACT fire brigade was quickly on site to control the fire” the spokesperson said. 

The University and the College are supporting the residents through “academic support for missed exams and alternative accommodation where needed.”