All ANU students are members of ANU Observer by default. All members are welcome to attend and vote at General Meetings, which are held at least once per semester.

Editors, the news team, and the digital team meet weekly. The Board meets approximately every fortnight. These meetings are confidential in nature and so are open only to Observer officers. You can find the public minutes for these meetings below.

Meeting Minutes

General Meetings

In accordance with the ANU Observer Inc Constitution, a General Meeting will be held on the 15th of April at 7 pm. All ANU students are welcome to attend and vote.

Unfortunately, due to the current precautions for COVID-19, this General Meeting will take place in Zoom.

We will be appointing two people to the Arbitration Panel at the meeting. This independent panel adjudicates disputes, considers complaints, and decides honoraria amounts. Panel members are appointing by a 75% majority at a General meeting, and terms last for two years. Please submit nominations to our Chair, Konstantinos Katsanis at [email protected]
Please note that current Officers of Observer (team members) are not eligible to nominate.

Please submit agenda items to [email protected] no later than the 7th of April. The agenda will be released on this event on the 8th of April.

Hope to see you at Zoom!

General Meetings are open to all ANU students. They are the only meetings at which changes to the ANU Observer Constitution can be made, and at which the annual elections for Elected Officer roles take place.

General Meeting 29/05/2019

General Meeting 17/10/2018

General Meeting 11/01/2018

2020 – Board Meetings

Board Meetings are open to all ANU Observer Officers. As the governing body of the ANU Observer, Board Meetings focus on governance, policy, and the ANU Observer’s strategic vision.

Board Meeting 26/02/2020

Board Meeting 12/2/2020

Board Meeting 30/01/2020

Board Meeting 16/1/2020

2019 – Council Meetings 

Council Meeting 11/12/2019

Council Meeting 06/11/2019

Council Meeting 21/10/2019

Council Meeting 09/10/2019

Council Meeting 25/09/2019

Council Meeting 11/09/2019

Council Meeting 30/08/2019

Council Meeting 17/08/2019

Council Meeting 31/07/2019

Council Meeting 18/07/2019

Council Meeting 03/07/2019

Council Meeting 20/06/2019

Council Meeting 29/05/2019

Council Meeting 15/05/2019

Council Meeting 01/05/2019

Council Meeting 17/04/2019

Council Meeting 03/04/2019

Council Meeting 20/03/2019

Council Meeting 06/03/2019

Council Meeting 06/02/2019

Council Meeting 23/01/2019

2018 – Council Meetings

Council Meeting 25/07/2018

Council Meeting 11/07/2018

Council Meeting 13/06/2018

Council Meeting 30/05/2018

Council Meeting 09/05/2018

Council Meeting 25/04/2018

Council Meeting 06/03/2018

Council Meeting 18/02/2018

Council Meeting 04/02/2018

Council Meeting 28/01/2018

Council Meeting 11/01/2018

Council Meeting 05/01/2018


Board Meeting 3/08/2017

Board Meeting 1/05/2017