4 daleks in the science courtyard

Daleks Invade Campus

September 22, 2017 Eliza Croft 0

Daleks invaded campus on Wednesday, but were kind enough to let students control them. The infamous Doctor Who antagonists were brought in by the Science Communication Society. Students were able to drive them around the Chemistry Courtyard for a $5

ATM Finally Comes to Pop-Up

August 7, 2017 Laura Farag 0

The Pop-Up Village’s first ATM, a Commonwealth Bank terminal in Melville Hall, was installed this weekend. This ends a two-week period in which no ATMs were available, and Pop-Up officials say more ATMs are planned. The new ATM sits inside

ANU Announces Full Time Sexual Assault Counsellor

July 12, 2017 Jason Pover 1

CW: Sexual Assault Students affected by sexual assault will have access to a full time specialised counsellor operating on campus from early Semester 2.   The initiative was announced yesterday by Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt, ANUSA President James Connolly and Canberra