By Declan Milton


John XXIII college is the most vaccinated ANU residential hall, according to vaccination rates of on-campus students revealed to Observer by the ANU COVID Response Office. 

The data was collected through a student survey of on-campus students with a 50% response rate. 

John XXIII and Burgmann College are leading residential hall vaccination rates with 96% of residents in both halls having received a first dose. John XXIII edges Burgmann on second doses with 44% to Burgmann’s 40%. 

Wright Hall has the lowest double-dose vaccination rate among the halls, sitting at 18%. On 7 October a positive case of COVID-19 was identified at Wright Hall. In a hall-wide meeting, a representative from the ANU COVID Response team urged students to continue their efforts in getting vaccinated. 

25% of Toad Hall residents are fully vaccinated, however, only 73% of residents at the hall have received a single-dose, meaning it has the lowest rate of single-dose vaccinations across campus. 

Across the halls, 32% of on-campus students have been fully vaccinated, and 89% have received a single dose. Territory wide, the ACT has a 95% first dose rate, and 67.2% second-dose rate. 


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The Public Health Lead of ANU’s COVID Response Office, Professor Tracy Smart, commended residents for their efforts in getting vaccinated. 

“These vaccination rates are really impressive and we couldn’t be prouder of our residents”, Professor Smart said. 

The first phase of the ACT roadmap is set to kick in on 15 October, as restrictions will begin to ease for outdoor venues and gyms. Canberrans will not necessarily have to be fully vaccinated to make use of the easing of restrictions. 

However, Professor Smart still urged on-campus residents to get vaccinated on the presumption that greater community-wide freedoms will emerge following higher vaccination rates. 

“The more of our residents who are vaccinated, the more freedoms they will have as we move forward over the next few weeks”, she said. 


Graphics by Junyoung Chun