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Konstantinos Katsanis (Chair & Treasurer)

Hayley Hands (Secretary)

Tristan Khaw

Angus Brooks

Adelle Millhouse

Sam Wright


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Editorial Board

Anthony Lotric (Executive Editor)

Adelle Millhouse


Bec Zhong

Sam Wright

Hayley Hands

Helena Burke

Lottie Twyford


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Tristan Khaw



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Angus Brooks


Potential Conflicts of Interest

We’ve written down everything that ever possibly could interfere with out ability to report fairly, so that if we do write something that seems biased, you can know whether we’ve had a former association with the thing.


Anthony Lotric

ANU Employee (Research Assistant) (2018 – current)

Resident at Bruce Hall (2017)

Adelle Millhouse

Resident at Wright Hall (current)

Resident at Johns XXIII College (2017 – 2018)