The Observer Team

The ANU Observer Council

Ebe Ganon

Eliza Croft (Chair)

Jason Pover

Joel Baker (Secretary)

Julian Lee (Treasurer)


The News Team

Editorial Board

Eliza Croft

Jason “The Shark” Pover

Skanda Panditharatne (Executive Editor)

Taz Hudson


Adeline Tinessia (Senior Reporter)

Adelle Millhouse

Jess Whiting

Michael Turvey (Reporter-at-Large)

Research Analysts

Alisa Asmalovskaya

Catherine Moggach

Tom Jordan


Digital Team

Digital Editors

Adam Cass

Ebe Ganon


Broneal Sarkosh

Georgia Clarke

Joanna Koh

Konstantinos Katsanis


Broneal Sarkosh

Konstantinos Katsanis


Potential Conflicts of Interest

We’ve written down everything that ever possibly could interfere with out ability to report fairly, so that if we do write something that seems biased, you can know whether we’ve had a former association with the thing.

Adam Cass

Ursula Hall, current Resident (2017-present)


Adeline Tinessia

Australian Labor Party Member (2015 – present)


Ebe Ganon

ANU Sport employee (2018-present)

IAC, former Ursula Hall Arts Representative (2017)

Ursula Hall, former Resident (2016-2017)


Eliza Croft

Ursula Residents’ Committee (2016)

Ursula Hall, former Resident (2015-2016)

Australian Labor Party Member (note- zero affiliation with ANU Labor Club or ANU Labor Left)

ACT Labor Campaign Volunteer (2016)

Tuckwell Scholar

NCMUN Secretariat Member

ANUSA Gen Rep Candidate, Make ANU Great Again (2016)


Jason Pover

Labor Party Member (2015 – 2016)

Fenner Hall Resident (2015)


Joel Baker

ANU Clubs’ Council Secretary (2017)

ANU Clubs’ Council Communications Officer (2018)

ANU Student Library Ambassador – ANU Grade 2/3 (2018-present)

ANUSA Probity Officer (2016-2017)

ANUSA Disputes Committee Member (2017-2018)

Parliamentary Intern in the Office of Senator the Hon. Lisa Singh (2017)

Ursula Hall, former Resident (2015-2016)

Ursula Hall, former Residential Scholar (2016)


Skanda Panditharatne

ANU XSA, externals officer (2017)

Unilodge, former resident (2016)

Ursula Hall, current resident (2017-present)

GetUp! Volunteer, NSW State Election (2015)


Madeleine Birdsey

UniLodge, current resident (2016-2017)

PPE Society Social Rep (2017)

Woroni Contributor (2016-2017)

DinSoc Secretary and Interim Academic Officer (2017)