What is The ANU Observer?

The ANU Observer aims to provide accurate, detailed, and timely coverage of campus events. You can read about how we’re run and our history since our founding in 2017 here.

Who runs Observer?

Observer is governed at an institutional level by the Observer Council. The news output however is managed by the Editorial Board, which consists of five Editors, and the news team. The digital functions of Observer, including Observer Live, are managed by the Digital Editors. You can see all our officers, including their conflicts of interest, here.

How are we governed?

Observer is an ANU Student Association, the same as ANUSA, PARSA and ANUSM. That means all students are members, and we’re accountable to the student body. Our editors and several other officers are elected each year by the students. You can read more about our governance here.

What are our standards for reporting?

Observer follows the Press Council Guidelines along with a comprehensive set of internal editorial policies and rules.

What happens if you screw up? How are you accountable?

Observer has an independent Arbitration Panel which can accept submissions from any students, investigate, and make rulings on the content of Observer articles or the conduct of Observer reporters. The Panel can assign penalties up to and including removal of officers. They can be contacted at [email protected].

Where do you get money from?

Observer’s primary funding source is the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). We also receive funding from a collection of grants and advertising. Read more about our finances here.