Complaints & Disputes

The ANU Observer has a robust process for managing complaints regarding the conduct of our officers and disputes regarding the content of our reporting. There is a two step process of escalation for complaints.

Notify the Editorial Board/Observer Board

If you have an issue, complaint or suggestion regarding the content of our reporting, you are always welcome to contact the Editorial Board. The Board will look into the matter and may correct, update or otherwise respond to your request.
You can contact the Board at [email protected]

If you have an issue with the manner in which any Officer of Observer has conducted themself, you can contact the ANU Observer Board. The Board will look into the matter and has the ability to reprimand, suspend or remove the Officer.

You can contact the Board at [email protected]

Submit a formal greivance to the Arbitration Panel.

If the Observer staff do not address your complaint adequately, or if you do not wish to take your complaint to Observer staff for any reason, you can escalate your grievance to the Arbitration Panel. This body is made up of students with no involvement in Observer and is entirely independent. The Arbitration Panel will respond to your grievance, investigate the matter, and deliver a response. They have the ability to remove officers, demand alteration or removal of published content, and a variety of other penalties.

You can contact the Arbitration Panel at [email protected]