Clubs Banned From Lena Karmel Roof After DrakeSoc Party

Correction: Since publication, Observer has been informed that UniLodge claims the ban is not a direct result of DrakeSoc’s event, in contradiction to the statements of sources used in this article. It also appears that the claim from some sources about glass panels being broken is incorrect. Observer apologises for any misrepresentation.

You got a reputation for yourself now

Lena Karmel rooftop is off-limits to Clubs after the newly affiliated ANU Drake Appreciation Society (DrakeSoc) caused damage during their ‘More Life‘ launch party. DrakeSoc did not inform the Clubs Council of the situation when affiliating, and the society has now asked ANUSA to pay for the party’s cleaning fee.

“General damage” to UniLodge property was caused during the party, UniLodge resident and Clubs Council Branch Officer Johnathan Tjandra confirmed, including, sources suggest, breakage of glass panels. UniLodge management has refused to comment on these claims, but sources within the UniLodge leadership team and the Clubs Council Executive confirmed the damage occurred, and that the LK Rooftop had been removed from the list of venues available to external societies.

DrakeSoc has now requested the Clubs Council pay clean-up for the same event which caused Clubs to lose access to the venue. The club made a $105 request to pay for part of the Lodge cleaning fee. The Clubs Council Executive will not be approving the funds until discussions with DrakeSoc have occurred, documents reveal. Clubs Council Chair Cameron Allan said ANUSA is “still investigating the nature and extent of damage”.

At their Affiliation with the Clubs Council late in April, Drakesoc vice-president Kiran Qayyum said the club was affiliating to access university venues “primarily for parties”. The rooftop damages were not disclosed to the Council during Qayyum’s speech; in fact, Qayyum promoted the success of the event as reason for the Council to accept their affiliation.

There was some resistance to Drakesoc’s affiliation with four votes against and 9 abstentions. James Richardson, ANU Debating delegate, commented to Observer that Drakesoc had “fairly tenuous reasons for wanting access to ANUSA funds and resources”.

A new Reprimand and Penalties policy for Clubs has been developed since the DrakeSoc affiliation. The change will expand disciplinary responses to include financial penalties and the restriction of privileges, including the use of venues by offending clubs. However, Clubs Council Executive Joel Baker said these changes were not related to Drakesoc’s activities and will not apply retrospectively, meaning the only potential consequence for DrakeSoc’s actions would be the old policy of total disaffiliation, or nothing.

When contacted, representatives of Drakesoc identified themselves as last name ever, first name greatest and refused to comment except to say that ‘You searching for answers I do not know nothing‘.

Drake could not be reached for comment at time of publication.