ANUSA Departments, Explained.

October 15, 2018 Jason Pover 1

By Adelle Millhouse and Jason Pover The ANUSA Departments are the most important point of advocacy and support for traditionally marginalised communities in ANUSA. As well as providing a community and autonomous space to their members, they meet with the

Ophel Trial Begins

September 17, 2018 Jason Pover 1

Jason Pover, Taz Hudson and Jessica Whiting CW: Disturbing Violence, Sexual Assault, References to Terrorist Acts, Mental Illness. The trial of Alex Ophel, who allegedly attacked students and a staff member in a tutorial with a baseball bat in August

Celeste Sandstrom and Isabel Moss

ANUSA condemns NUS Queer/LGBTI Officer

August 21, 2018 Jason Pover 1

By Jason Pover and Tasneem Hudson The ANUSA SRC has tonight affirmed a vote of no confidence in NUS Queer/LGBTI Co-Officer Jasmine Duff. The vote comes after numerous student associations affirmed the motion originally made at Australia’s peak queer* student

Your 2019 NUS Delegates-Elect

August 16, 2018 Jason Pover 2

Skanda Panditharatne, Jason Pover, and Adelle Millhouse Results are in for the 2018 ANUSA elections, and five delegates to the National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference (NatCon) have been elected. The successful candidates were Tanika Sibal (Refresh), Lachy Day

CAP Reps, Head to Head

August 11, 2018 Jason Pover 1

Jason Pover and Jessica Whiting In this year’s ANUSA elections, the only contested race amongst the college representative positions are for the College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP). Refresh ANUSA, whose candidates have taken out all the other College

Picture of Sibal and picture of Cummins

Education Officers, Head to Head

August 8, 2018 Jason Pover 1

Eliza Croft and Jason Pover Content Warning: This article contains discussion of sexual assault and sexual harassment The Job Every now and then, the Government and students conflict about what they think is best for students. The Education Officer’s job

Anthony Green looking happy

Nominations Released for 2018 ANUSA Elections

August 6, 2018 Jason Pover 1

Taz Hudson, Jason Pover, Skanda Panditharatne Observer has put together a compilation of the nominations for this year’s ANUSA election. The tickets are: Refresh, Ignite, Reform, Left Action, Lauren Kightly and Kai Clark for ANUSA CAP Representatives, as well as a number of independents. Nominees listed

ANUSA, Explained- Part Two (Roles and Governance)

August 5, 2018 Jason Pover 2

Jason Pover, Alisa Asmalovskaya, Michael Turvey The ANU Students’ Association. It receives over $1 million in funding per year. Its electoral candidates take over campus each August. It goes against the general advice to avoid words starting with ‘s’ after