News You Might Have Missed: Week 10

By Kida Lin

We’ve reached the end of Week 10! If you were too busy running from the magpies, here’s the news you might have missed.


The last Pizza with Brian of the year was held on Wednesday. Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt distanced himself from recent comments by Chancellor Gareth Evans, who spoke critically about the notion of safe spaces and trigger warnings in the context of defending free speech. Schmidt  said he believed universities should be a free space for ideas, but that he “believe[s] in the university being a safe place”. The ANU graduate whose honours application was lost, causing her to miss out on a place, questioned Schmidt on communication between staff and students. Questions were also raised about ANU’s efforts to increase the number of Indigenous and low SES students.

Wednesday was World Mental Health Day. The theme for this year, “Do you see what I see?” aimed to challenge perceptions about mental illness and encourage more positive conversations around the issue. To mark the day, the University held a panel discussion  focused on mental health with staff and student representatives.

The Ophel trial concluded this week, with the jury unable to reach an unanimous decision after 21 hours of deliberation. This means that a new trial will likely be run early next year. Ophel was remanded in custody until a callover hearing on October 29.

ANUSA and Departments

ANUSA, PARSA and ANU collaboratively launched the Respectful Relationships Engagement Hub, designed to promote a safe and respectful campus through improving communication with the ANU community. The website provides information about current campaigns and changes the University is making.

ANUSA held its 2018 Clubs Ball on Thursday. The ANU Dining Society was voted the best club. The full list of award winners can be found here.

ANUSA Education Committee released a draft “Terms of Reference for the Committee”, which outlines the blueprint for reform. This comes after Education Officer Harry Needham held a meeting to discuss solutions to “significant issues” with the Education Committee’s functionality and effectiveness.

Halls of Residence

The Inward Bound Awards were handed out on Monday night, following the race last weekend. B&G won the overall Inward Bound Trophy for the third successive year, while Burgmann won the Bill Packard Trophy for winning Division 1.

Interhall Choir was held on Saturday, with Burgmann coming first, followed by Ursula Hall in 2nd,, while Bruce and B&G tied for third. This was the last Interhall Arts event of the year.


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