Ursula Hall residents have found a little extra protein in some of their vegetables. Grub-like bugs, thought to be maggots, larvae, or caterpillars (depending on who you ask) have been sighted in the dining hall’s broccoli twice in the past six months.

Creepy crawlies were first found in broccoli in October 2018. Residents first thought these were “maggots”, but were told by the Deputy Head of Hall that they were “more likely to be a larvae of a very common moth”. An ANU spokesperson said that after this occurred, “The procedures for preparing fresh food were reviewed and improved.”

The most recent incident was during O-Week, when one resident posted a photo in the ‘Ursies Chatroom’ Facebook group of a piece of broccoli from the dining hall. The picture showed grub-like creatures on the floret, and was captioned “Again.” Some residents expressed disgust or concern over food safety, while others jokingly referenced the previous larvae sighting.

An ANU spokesperson told Observer that “any suggestion there was maggots or larvae found in food at Ursula Hall is completely false.” Instead, they claimed the bug that was found in the broccoli this year was “a caterpillar”.

Observer understands that the hall contracts out the dining hall catering, and at one stage, that same company also provided the food at Bruce Hall. However, the University did not respond to Observer’s questions as to the name of the external contractor or whether they still cater multiple halls.

Following the most recent larvae/caterpillar sighting, the broccoli supplier has been changed. The Ursula Hall Residents’ Committee (URC) told Observer, “The URC is satisfied by the response by administration and the catering team”.

Eliza Croft lived at Ursula Hall in 2015 and 2016.


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