News You Might Have Missed: Week 9

Weekly Catchup Graphic, with text "Kambri booking policy, Big Night Out, and a Launch"

By Ned De Grandi

Hate studying for exams? Waste time productively by catching up on the week’s news.


ANU has released a final booking policy for Kambri, allowing student groups to access numerous parts of the precinct for free. An earlier draft policy would have student groups face fees of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Student groups will be able to use the “Public Realm” for free. This includes The Lane, The Lawn, University Avenue and the Amphitheatre.

The move followed pressure from student groups to release a policy that allowed student groups to use the precinct for free. The day after the policy was announced a celebratory protest was held on University Avenue. 

The Protest. Photo: Konstantinos Katsanis

After being postponed due to poor weather, Big Night Out (BNO) 2019 was held on University Avenue. Held by the ANU Interhall Arts Committee, BNO is a band contest between residential halls at ANU. Ursula Hall won the night, with B&G in second and Griffin in third. Griffin is now ranked first overall for the Arts Shield, followed by Burgmann and Burton & Garran.

Image from Big Night Out
Big Night Out. Photo: Konstantinos Katsanis



The Clubs Council has voted to investigate seceding from ANUSA, or otherwise expanding its  postgraduate representation. As the Clubs Council is currently under ANUSA supervision, postgraduate members cannot vote on Clubs Regulations. The Council is also currently unable to bid for its own funding. The Council also passed a motion to remove a section within its Funding Policy that incentivised clubs not paying photographers for events.



Content Warning: sexual assault and harassment.

This week saw the launch of the STOP Campaign Zine. Originally starting as a Fenner Hall-specific initiative, the Campaign has now expanded to be ANU-wide to spread information and break stigma around sexual assault.

Image from the stop campaign launch
The Zine launch. Photo: Konstantinos Katsanis



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