ANUSA Election: Small Ticket Wrap-Up

By Hayley Hands

In addition to larger tickets and independents, there are also two smaller tickets putting forward candidates for ANUSA executive and General Representative positions. These tickets are ‘Climate Action for ANUSA’ and ‘VOTE’.


‘VOTE!’ is a ticket comprised of Jacob Ellis and Max Claessens, running under the motto “Independence, Passion, Purpose.” 

Jacob Ellis is running for General Representative. Ellis has said he wants to increase continue the work of current General Representative Madeleine Lezon on rural, regional and low-SES equity, and advocate for students living at residential halls. He also wants to increase student engagement with ANUSA elections through electoral reform, including mandatory declaration of candidates’ political affiliations. 

Max Claessens is a candidate for College of Law Representative. His policies include advocating for increased flexibility and use of special consideration with assessments, compiling a list of student services available to law students, and engaging in consultation with students.

Climate Action for ANUSA

Climate Action for ANUSA is a small ticket with several candidates who are associated with the Socialist Alternative. Running as candidates on this ticket are:

  • Kim Stern for Education Officer
  • Grace Hill for Environment Officer (Uncontested)
  • Nick Carlton, Wren Somerville and Nick Crowley for General Representative
  • Wren Somerville and Grace Carter for NUS delegate

The ticket’s policies have a focus on climate action and activism. For example, the ticket proposes to use the ANUSA lawyer’s services “to assist any students arrested for environmental non-violent direct action”. In addition, the ticket promises to increase transparency by breaking confidentiality agreements with the university if they are “hiding important things from students”. 

Kim Stern, Climate Action’s candidate for Education Officer, was the NUS Queer* Officer in 2018. Stern said at the recent Election Debate that student unions such as ANUSA should be “progressive bodies” that primarily work to organise activist events and protests. Stern said that they would push for the removal of Julie Bishop from the role of Chancellor, the use of “civil disobedience” in climate activism, and that they would work against “anti-Chinese racism” at the ANU. 

Climate Action’s candidate for Environment Officer, Grace Hill, was elected unopposed. Hill has expressed the need for “mass action” through protest as opposed to “mild non-solutions” such as reusable cups and “enviro retreats”. 

Nick Crowley, a General Representative candidate, has said he wants to redirect ANUSA funding to mental health services and climate action. Nick Carlton emphasises the need to “fight for a transition to renewables.” Wren Somerville, running for both General Representative and NUS Delegate, has policy goals including LGBTI+ advocacy, climate activism, and pro-refugee campaigns. Grace Carter, also running for NUS Delegate, wants the NUS to “engage in real activism”. 

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