Picture of SA5 Building

SA5 Officially Named

October 16, 2018 Adelle Millhouse 0

SA5 has been gifted the name ‘Wamburun’, after the Ngunawal word for Black Cockatoo. The building, which is located on the corner of Clunies Ross Street and Dickson Road, currently houses Bruce residents. Pronounced “WOOM-brun”, the name was gifted to

ANUSA Departments, Explained.

October 15, 2018 Adelle Millhouse 0

By Adelle Millhouse and Jason Pover The ANUSA Departments are the most important point of advocacy and support for traditionally marginalised communities in ANUSA. As well as providing a community and autonomous space to their members, they meet with the

SRC 7 Liveblog

September 25, 2018 Adelle Millhouse 0

Welcome to the ANU Observer Liveblog for SRC 7! It’s looking to be a quiet one tonight. Neither the President, Eleanor Kay, nor the Vice President, Tess Frances are present. Eleanor’s report is passed in her absence, and she asks

Weekly Catchup Graphic with text 'Open day, Wifi and Clubs Funding'

News You Might Have Missed: Week 5

August 26, 2018 Adelle Millhouse 0

ANUSA ANUSA’s SRC affirmed a vote of no confidence in NUS Queer/LGBTI Officer Jasmine Duff, who is affiliated with the Socialist Alternative faction. The no confidence motion was initially passed at the Queer Collaborations conference in June, following transphobic attitudes

Wifi Issues Hit ANU – Again

August 21, 2018 Adelle Millhouse 0

Major issues with ANU wifi have arisen again. Students have had issues connecting to the ANU-Secure and Resnet wifi networks since Sunday night. ANU IT Services [ITS] are “aware of the issues”, and are working to fix them, Observer was

Weekly Catchup graphic with text 'HECS, Science Week, and the end of ANUSA elections'

News You Might Have Missed: Week 4

August 19, 2018 Adelle Millhouse 0

ANUSA After weeks of campaigning, ANUSA’s elections are finally at an end! Tanika Sibal, from Refresh ANUSA, was elected as Education Officer in the only contested Executive race. She will also serve as an NUS Delegate, alongside Croft Sun, Niall

Tanika Sibal

Tanika Sibal Elected Education Officer

August 16, 2018 Adelle Millhouse 0

Content Warning: This article contains discussion of sexual assault and sexual harassment Refresh ANUSA’s Tanika Sibal has been elected as ANUSA Education Officer for 2019. This leaves Refresh with five of the six Executive positions, and the vast majority of