2019 SSAF Bid

The ANU Observer bid for $74 092.50 for 2019, including camera and audio equipment, rent for an office space, allowances for Editors and other officials, and freedom of information requests. You can read an overview of our SSAF bid here, and a further breakdown here.

2019 Allocation

ANU has offered Observer an allocation of $43 980, which represents approximately 0.8% of the total SSAF pool. You can find the information regarding the allocations here.

A detailed budget will be released as soon as Observer receives information as to office costs. This could constitute a quarter of Observer’s total budget, so such information is needed before we can provide any meaningful breakdown of planned spending.

Allowance Payments

The arbitration panel met on 30 November. It approved the following allowance payments to cover the period 14 September to 30 November.

Note: any ANU student is able to contact the ANU Observer Arbitration Panel at [email protected] and request that an elected official have their allowance reduced.

Eliza Croft, Taz Hudson, Jason Pover, Skanda Panditharatne, and Konstantinos Katsanis: $548.93 each

Julian Lee: $274.46

Joel Baker: $0 (reduced from $411.70)

Adam Cass: $199.13

The panel also determined the following honoraria payments on the basis of nominations:

Eliza Croft: $365
Jess Whiting: $365
Adelle Millhouse: $300
Skanda Panditharatne: $273
Jason Pover: $273
Konstantinos Katsanis: $225
Taz Hudson: $225
Jessica Wu: $100
Stavros Dimos : $100
Broneal Sarkosh: $50
Tristan Khaw: $50

Previous Funding

The ANU Observer received a SEEF grant in 2017. This paid for our incorporation fees and 2017 website costs.