2018 SSAF Bid

The ANU Observer asked the University for $68,600 for 2018, including camera and audio equipment, administrative fees, allowances for executives, and freedom of information requests. You can read our full SSAF bid including justifications here.

2018 Allocation

ANU has offered Observer an allocation of $32,000. You can find the information regarding the allocation here.

To read the breakdown of how Observer will spend this revised budget, see here.

Observer received its SSAF allocation in late April 2018.

2019 Mid-Year SSAF Bid

Observer is bidding for an additional $2,250 in the Mid-Year SSAF Round. Information regarding this SSAF Round will be available once the process has finalised.

Allowance Payments

In accordance with our payment policy, the following allowance payments will be made on 19 September to cover the period 17 June to 3 September. Any ANU student may contact the ANU Observer Arbirtation Panel at [email protected] and request that an elected official have their allowance reduced.

Eliza Croft, Taz Hudson, Jason Pover, Skanda Panditharatne, and Adam Cass: $503.70 each

Julian Lee: $251.85

Joel Baker: $377.78

Madeleine Birdseye: $45.12

Rebecca Ganon: $179.92

Konstantinos Katsanis: $256.76

Honoraria payments, which all officers can receive, will be determined by the Arbitration Panel shortly.