News You Might Have Missed: Week 12

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It’s over. It’s done. We’re at the end of Week 12 and the holidays are just a few trips to 7-11 Barry Drive away. If you’ve been too busy studying, crying, or shivering, here’s the news you might have missed.


The third College Representative Council (CRC) meeting was held on Tuesday. Notable discussion topics included safety and conduct at SRC meetings, and the possibility of partnering with tutoring service Vygo at an annual cost of more than $30 000.

ANUSA held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, its first quorate General Meeting of the year. At the meeting, the Association’s budget was passed, and students were elected to the Financial Review Committee. The meeting also saw sweeping changes made to ANUSA’s Election Regulations, and the passage of a “Freedom of Representatives Regulation”, which will allow student representatives to talk to the media.

Interhall Activities

Now that the Semester has come to a close, standings for the Interhall Sports and Arts shields have been released. As of 2 June 2019, the standings are:

Hall Arts Shield Standing Sports Shield Standing
Bruce =4 4
Burgmann 3 3
Burton & Garran 2 5
Fenner 8 7
Griffin 1 2
Johns 10 1
UniLodge 6 8
Ursies 9 =9
Wamburun =4 =9
Wright 7 6


This week was National Reconciliation Week. The theme was “Grounded in Truth – Walk Together in Courage”. A number of events were held in the ACT, including a ‘Reconciliation in the Park’ event in Glebe Park with performances, workshops, and other activities.

The ANU Observer

The ANU Observer held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday. A suite of constitutional changes were passed, giving the organisation the ability to add new ‘teams’. Anthony Lotric was elected unopposed as Observer’s fourth News Editor.


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