ANUSA, Explained- Part Two (Roles and Governance)

August 5, 2018 Michael Turvey 2

Jason Pover, Alisa Asmalovskaya, Michael Turvey The ANU Students’ Association. It receives over $1 million in funding per year. Its electoral candidates take over campus each August. It goes against the general advice to avoid words starting with ‘s’ after

Union Election Unopposed, Candidates Make No Promises

March 6, 2018 Michael Turvey 2

The ANU Union, student-run financial institution without current operational capacity, has seen no competition in its 2018 election. Typically controlled by members of the Labor Students Club, this election saw four Labor-affiliated students and one independent go unopposed. Thomas Lindenmayer,

Who Runs ANU? University Council, Explained

February 19, 2018 Michael Turvey 3

If you’re like most students, the question, “Who runs ANU?” likely summons an image of Brian Schmidt sitting on the Iron Throne madly laughing while he signs orders to knock down residences, schedule weekend exams, and award himself more Nobel

Student Leaves Ursula Hall Due to Homophobic Threats

February 11, 2018 Michael Turvey 1

Content Warning: This article contains homophobic language, mention of threats of violence, coarse language, and discussions of harassment. Throughout 2017, a series of notes containing threats and homophobic messages were placed under and on the door of a queer* resident

Unity’s Day of Power: Natcon 2017 Opens.

December 11, 2017 Michael Turvey 0

The 2017 National Conference of the NUS has formally opened. Traditionally a political circus of screaming chants, factional warfare and highly questionable voting procedures, this year’s Conference promises new drama, with an unprecedented proportion of conference held by the Labor