By Mackenzie Watkins


The Job

The role of Treasurer is an important one within ANUSA. This position is responsible for all financial aspects with the organisation. According to ANUSA’s website, “they work in conjunction with ANUSA’s Financial Controller to track ANUSA spending and … ensure that money is being spent appropriately, as approved by our members”. The treasurer also works to ensure that all finances are professionally audited within the student association. 


The Candidates

Katrina Ha (she/her): Power in Community

Running for Treasurer under Power in Community, Katrina Ha has previous experience in the role. She won Treasurer for the 2022 International Students’ Department (ISD) Executive on the Bloom ticket, and also held a spot as General Representative in 2022 for ANUSA. She studies Actuarial Studies and PPE at ANU.


Anton Sebastian Vassallo: Voices for ANUSA

Anton Sebastian Vassallo is also running for Treasurer under the Voices for ANUSA ticket. He currently studies a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of International Security Studies at ANU. However, very limited information could be found on Vassalo so his exact policies and reasons for running are unknown.


The Policies

Katrina Ha: Power in Community

The policies that Ha hopes to enact under the Power in Community ticket is to advocate for students to have a better understanding of SSAF funding, work to include both undergraduate and postgraduate students and have a sustainable night cafe on campus. She also hopes to make the ANUSA more accessible and wants to start an Ethical Sponsorship Committee Policy Review. These policies align with the ones Ha ran with in 2022 as Treasurer for the Bloom ISD party, where her main policy aims were to: “publicise financial statements regularly; establish standardisation across financial documentation; resurrect large-scale events; balance budget for remote and on-campus initiatives and closer collaboration with culture clubs and ANUSA”. 

Ha says that as ANUSA Treasurer, she would be aiming to attain more awareness of the important role SSAF plays; grant larger budgets for departments with ANUSA; as well as establishing and maintaining a Night Cafe within Kambri.


An earlier version of this article listed James Jackson as the Treasurer candidate on the Action! for ANUSA ticket. Jackson has dropped out of the race for this position.

Graphics by Will Novak


Graphics by Will Novak

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